How to Cut Fat But Keep Taste in Your Favorite Recipes

Higher calories often force people to let go of their favorite foods however there is no need for people to let go of their favorite foods with the fear of adding extra pounds to the body instead it can be made healthy by alternating certain ingredients in these specially cooked dishes. Like a saying huge results can be acquired by taking smaller steps which when taken continuously will make it easy to handle any huge changes which can be quite disturbing at times.
First change should start with healthy shopping at the grocery store where things are to be purchased to make a healthy diet till which it has to be preserved properly making certain changes which help in preparing healthy food items.

Steps for food makeover

  • Go to foods are rights think to start the concept of makeover in foods, this choice is good since they are known to be prepared again and again, also any changes which are made to the dishes that are frequently eaten it is said to have better effect on the calories being taken in on daily basis.
  • First step in makeover is to have good look at the materials which are needed to see if there are any healthy alternatives available to see if there is any chance to lessen fat and calorie intake for the body adding nutritional values. Would it be sufficient to use low fat curd instead of cream or is there any possibility to exchange brown rice for white one to include more fiber in food. These substitutes should be enough to provide nearly exact taste to the dish at the same time lessening the calorie count for the body.
  • Now look at the amount of these ingredients which has to be changed in order to make the dish much healthier than its original part. If there is a choice to sauté or stir fry instead of pure frying in order to lessen the fat content, certain things like using lesser sugar or salt should have great effect on the calorie intake of body.
Do not think that using low calorie ingredients will mean that it will only end up to be a recipe that has lesser calories, since there are times when these ingredients are fried instead of grilling. If there are certain low calories food like fish and veggies there are changes that they will be sauced up instead of steaming and by the time the recipe comes out it seems quite similar to any burger filled with cheese.

Tips for healthy dishes:

Here we are providing the ways in which fat and calories can be cut down from the dishes also making them much healthier by increased use of whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits in them:
  • Calories can be reduced and nutrition can be boosted by adding diced veggies to soups and while cooking any other type of recipes which include meat, casseroles, salads or even pasta.
  • Seasoning which is used for steamed vegetables should consist of garlic, onion, spices or herbs instead of regular butter and sauces which are often chosen by many.
  • Try fruits for salad instead of routine vegetable like orange, tangerine, kiwi and apples, also it is suggested to alternate iceberg lettuce with deep green colored leafy vegetables.
  • Frozen vegetables have enough nutrition like those of fresh ones; also they are good due to their availability throughout the year also being less costly than those of fresh ones.
  • There is no need of cream, butter and flour to add thickness to the soups instead vegetables can be put in a blender and added to the soup. There is an alternative to also prepare cream for soups with vegetables and garlic puree with milk.
  • Increase the quantity of dishes if they stay good even after freezing which makes best choice for people who do not have much time to prepare food or are easily tired with things can pull up these frozen dishes instead of choosing junk food.
  • There are several alternatives available some of which are given below:
    1. Ground beef can be substituted with ground chicken, turkey or ground soy.
    2. Apple sauce, prunes, carrots, mashed avocados or bananas also make best alternative for butter or margarine.
    3. Pan spray, wine, vegetable juice and broth are known to be best choice to sauté vegetables instead of butter.
    4. Reduced fat cheese is best choice when compared to cheese.
    5. Egg whites can be used in place of the eggs which are used for baking.
    6. Mayonnaise with lesser fat is known to be best choice instead of Mayonnaise.
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