The 5 Yoga Poses You Should Do Every Morning

The only time when we tend to look at nature is morning even before hitting off with the scheduled day, this also is the right time to start your day off in right way. It is known that breakfast is the most important meal of entire day quite similarly even the morning exercise habit is most important things which have to be added to the list giving a great feeling throughout the day.

Yoga is best form of exercise with which day can be started off that keeps the mind focused also, some of the yoga poses which have to be done early in the morning include:

1. Go out and greet the sun:
Body needs Vitamin D hence try to get out as much as is possible which will not only add Vitamin D to the body but will also see improvement in mood. If you live in apartments open up a window and breathe fresh air which will also fill up the room with natural light.Backbend and side stretches – Inhale with arms up in the air straight, now bend back slightly in order to feel stretch throughout the body. Now exhale and let one hand down to the side of the body while the other hand is still raised, let the head and neck to relax which will further give a feeling of deeper stretch in ribs and side body. Now slowly inhale to the center and exhale to the opposite side, this has to be repeated for 5 times on both sides.
2. Stretch out:
It has been proved scientifically that hectic lifestyle ends up giving several health issues, which includes need to spent lot of time sitting in chair. This posture will shorten the muscles and tight muscles will end up causing discomfort and injury, stretch out while there is chance.

Forward fold: Exhale while folding forward at hips, also allow the knees to bend and get the chest towards thighs. Now relax neck and let the head hang down heavily, this stretch has to be felt at lower spine along with legs. This pose allows fresh blood to flow easily to the brain, cleaning and refreshing the brain that helps in circulatory system and has to be done for 10 deep breaths.

3. Time spent all alone:
Before starting conversation with anyone else it is suggested to use the morning as best time to talk to yourself, set any particular purpose irrespective of however small it is and meditate on it for few peaceful minutes

Tree pose: Keep feet at hip distance and spread the toes wide to plant yourself firmly on the ground, place the hands on hip or at heart’s center. Now inhale to get one foot up by placing it on either the calf or thigh and exhale. Stay like this for 5 rounds of breath, exhale at slow pace with foot on ground after which the legs have to be switched.

4. Need all the energy needed:
It is our decision to decide how we need yoga in its relaxing or vigorous mode, now add challenge to routine by getting your blood pumping and working your muscles.

Cat-cow: Get on your hand and knees by placing the wrists directly below shoulders with gingers spread wide enough, now feel each knuckle and finger pads on ground in order to distribute the weight onto hands so that the weight will not completely fall onto the wrists. Inhale into cow means the head and tailbone will have to be lifted up while dropping the belly towards ground with heart extending forward. Exhale into cat which means the spine has to be arched upwards by tucking the chin towards chest and drawing the navel towards spine, this has to be continued for 2-3 times, moving slowly at first and later has to be increased with the speeding order to gain the flexibility.

5. Breathing exercises early:

Stress can be lowered by taking deep breaths since we often tend to forget taking regular breathe.
Down dog: Get down on the knees and lift tailbone towards sky, drop down the head and push in hands to create length in spine, draw the navel towards spine and press the soles of feet towards ground. Take about 5 rounds of deep breath in this pose while closing the eyes if there is proper balance maintained.
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