Use Whey Protein to Create a Better You

You may have heard a lot about the use of whey protein, and not just how it can help you to bulk up when you are hitting the gym. The fact is that whey protein can help send your waistline in the other direction too. But are there any potential dangers or side effects associated with whey protein? Read on to find out some of the pros and cons of using this increasingly popular dietary supplement.

About Why Protein:

Let’s start out by learning a little more about whey protein.  You probably first heard the term as a child. In the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet, a girl is eating curds and whey. These are byproducts from the production of cheese. The whey is extremely valuable nutritionally because there is no other natural way to acquire as many amino acids in branched chains.
Because of this, whey protein is often used in supplements for bodybuilders to help quickly repair muscles that were used during a workout. But what about those who are trying to lose weight? Are protein drinks featuring whey protein beneficial for this use as well?

Whey Protein Weight Loss:

According to a recent study, whey protein is the best choice for dieters. Whey protein drinks were compared to soy protein drinks as well as a carbohydrate heavy drink. Those who drank the carbohydrate drinks gained weight during the six month study. People who used the soy protein drinks maintained their weight. Those who drank whey protein daily actually lost a few pounds and slimmed their waistline. One possible reason for the result is that whey protein affects the amount of certain hormones in the body. One hormone in particular makes an individual feel full. By the end of the six months, those who were using whey protein on a daily basis weren’t taking in as many carbohydrates in their regular diet. Also, other hormonal changes due to whey protein may also result in the body’s metabolism speeding up. This too has a positive effect on weight loss. Are there any other benefits to using whey protein?

Whey Protein Benefits:

Besides those who are looking to trim down or bulk up, there are a number reasons that a person may want to try whey protein.
  1. Build immune system – Antioxidants are a vital part of maintaining a healthy immune system, particularly an antioxidant found in whey protein. It’s especially important for bodybuilders since a lot of time at the gym could result in a deficiency.
  2. Diabetics – While there isn’t conclusive evidence yet, some studies have connected whey protein to lower blood glucose levels.
  3. Nutritious Snack – When you just have to have a snack between meals, this is the healthy way to do it. It’s great for bodybuilders who need the extra calories and protein, but may not feel like eating half a dozen times per day. It can also be great for a dieter who is trying to have several smaller meals per day.
  4. Easy Digestion – Another reason weight lifters head for weigh protein is because it can be digested quickly. If you want to get a jump start on repairing your muscles, this is your best source for feeding your need for protein synthesis.

    Whey Protein Side Effects:

    It would be unfair to make whey protein seems all rainbows and butterflies and not share the potentially ugly side. But, in reality, you shouldn’t have to worry about any major effects, since most adults can use whey protein safely. A few effects, however, may occur.
    For example, you may experience an increase in the frequency of your bowel movements. For some this may actually be quite a beneficial change. You could experience nausea, cramps, bloating, or headaches. Thirst and fatigue have also been reported. A reduced appetite is an effect that dieters feel is actually beneficial.
    The main side effect to look out for is an allergic reaction. If you have a cow’s milk allergy, you should not use whey protein, since it is derived from cow’s milk

    Whey Protein Dangers:

    The primary danger in using whey protein is for those who are allergic to it. The only other major precaution is for pregnant women and nursing mothers. There simply haven’t been studies done on the subject to know how regular whey protein use could affect an unborn or new born baby. In this case, it may simply be better to be safe than sorry.

    Whey Protein Reviews:

    When it comes to whey protein, there are a few different things that you want to look for. Obviously you want the right protein blend, but there are other important factors as well. For example, the best protein blend in the world won’t do anything for you if you can’t make yourself drink it because it clumps up when you mix it into water or milk. The same thing goes for taste and texture. Here are a few reviews of some popular whey proteins.
  5. Now Foods Whey Protein Isolate – Now Foods is just a great company for supplements, and their whey protein is hands down one of the best. When you mix it up you can expect it to be a little thick, but if you are using it as a meal that will give you the feel like you are getting more from it. The fact is that actually are getting more than you do with most other whey protein supplements. The blend is spot on and all natural. It has hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon.
  6. Bioplex Whey Plex – On the other end of the spectrum you get this overpriced gunk. Get ready to try and gag down a foul tasting clumpy mess. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a try. Be the first person to review it on Amazon. Then throw it away and get something else.
  7. Designer Protein Designer Whey French Vanilla – This is another quality product. They come close to matching the price of Now Foods and they deliver a great tasting product that mixes easily. You won’t have a problem getting this one down, that’s for sure.
Obviously there are hundreds of products out there and every one of them claims to be the best, so your best bet is to look around for what has good reviews from users. With all of the marks in the pro column for whey protein, and just a few cons, you will want to find the right one for you so that you can start reaping the benefits right away!
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